Frozen sounds audio offers music production services such as professional mixes and band recording and editing for independent artists.


Quality starts at the source.

Together we'll discuss our favourite records, gear, and tones. Along the way we'll capture the best, frozen moment in time that is your music.


I can take tracks recorded in any studio — or in your basement — and turn them into high quality, professional mixes. 


Great mixes are no good if they don't sound great together! 

I can create a cohesive final master that will translate across multiple systems and environments.

I'm Seàn and I'm a musician and audio engineer.

My goal as an audio engineer is to help you make sure that you as a musician and creative don't sacrifice the quality of your music and vision just to "get it done". It doesn't have to be this way, making music in the first place is hard enough already.


I'll act as a guide and leading hand, using my knowledge, experience, and expertise to help you bring your music to life, in line with your vision. It might be Pop, Indie, Rock, or Metal, all approached with the proper attention.

You've poured so much blood, sweat, tears, and time into your music to come this far. Let's take your hard work the extra mile together and make the record in your head a reality.